The new Attach Bazarduzu try extremely separate, the latest prominence is approximately 2,454m

The new southern section of the hill is part of Sahdag Milli Park, the largest National Playground from Azerbaijan. Delight be aware that if you would like climb up Bazarduzu out-of Azerbaijan, discover about three (3) prerequisites:

  1. A permit to possess visiting the national playground, in cases like this Sahdag Milli Playground.
  2. A permit (registration) from the frontier army troops, you can purchase it about Azerbaijani Ministry out of Ecosystem. Software process would be to initiate ninety days until the go to.
  3. A companion out-of an accredited mountain book. You’ll find a guide whenever asking for brand new permit to have the fresh new national park.

If you’re climbing Bazarduzu on Russian front side, just a boundary zone allow out-of FSB is required, it may be obtained regarding FSB local institution from inside the Makhachkala (Dagestan), pertain 90 days ahead.


Shahdag (cuatro,243m) is truly probably one of the most extraordinary mountains not just in Azerbaijan, and also in the whole Caucasus. The fresh etymology of your title comes regarding the Persian term “Shah” – “king”, and also the Turkic word “dag” – “mountain”, that is why sometimes it is named Tzar Mountian. Shahdag is the top of the Horizontal Range. Shahdag is among the most went along to slope having winter sport.

To the west of Shahdag are a couple of blue ponds during the an altitude next to step 3,500m. Occasionally you can find solid flooding. Within an altitude out-of about2,000m you’ll discover Caucasian and you can bezoar goats, chamois, blackbirds and you may lizards.


Constant hurricanes and you will storms turned the reason for the fresh new fascinating term associated with height. Tufandag means “hurricane”, and you can “dag”, because it has be known a number of sentences a lot more than, form “mountain”. Tufandag (cuatro,206m) reaches new junction away from Guba, Gusar and Gabala areas. Close by the fresh new hill there clearly was a high-slope community off Khynalyg, where agencies of just one of the most old individuals of your Caucasus – the new Khynalygians alive. That is why it community per year will get the spot out-of visit to possess countless tourist.

Brand new uniqueness regarding regional character plus the variety from hill streams and you may lakes served given that an excellent added bonus to construct a ski resort and you may a cable-car here. Brand new cable car takes people to additional profile, while the higher part is located at in the 2,000m good.s.l. You may enjoy this new viewpoints of Tufandag and you can Bazarduzu throughout the cable-car station and get given that passionate as great Russian poet and you may blogger Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov, just who penned much regarding Caucasus.

Beshbarmag Slope

Besh Barmag Mountain (Azerbaijani: Bes Barmaq) try small sizes, simply 382m a great.s.l. however it ends up a rugged top rising more than a great ridge overgrown that have turf. There clearly was an effective mosque at the its legs.

Beshbarmag is interpreted because the Five-fingers. It’s located in the Siazan Area out-of Azerbaijan, near by the Caspian Ocean. Beshbarmag is without question a well-known pilgrimage website. Centered on an excellent legend, anyone with sheer thoughts who reaches the brand new prayer family on the top of the slope will have their enjoyed need started correct. There are also usually most females here who would like to feel pregnant. On slope, experts make the findings regarding migratory wild birds, since it is one of several tips of the channel.

The brand new Khyzy Mountains

Once throughout the Khyzy Hills, you feel as if you is checking out Mars. That is perhaps one of the most unusual metropolitan areas in the country. Cosmic landscapes shimmer when you look at the purple, orange, pink, yellow, and you may beige colors. Predicated on one adaptation, such as incredible colors of your own mountains are caused by below ground oceans affecting the amount of oxidation out of iron stones that the mountains are composed of.

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